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Department of Pharmacognosy

The infrastructure of the Department includes state-of-the-art laboratories with all the facilities for isolation, characterisation and estimation of phyto-constitutents including HPLC. The facilities available at the Department have been utilized by students for doing their project work successfully.

List of Major Equipment

Simple Microscopes, Compound microscopes, Eye piece micrometer, Stage micrometers, Camera Lucida-Mirror and Prism type, Hot air oven, Muffel furnace, Vacuum film evaporator, UV Cabinet, Chromatography apparatus, Soxhlet apparatus, TLC Kit, Double distillation glass apparatus, Clavenger apparatus, Steam distillation unit, Crude Drugs & Charts etc..


Preparation room, Computer Facility, Intercom facility, Power supply with Electricity/Generator, Water supply, Crude drug museum, Drainage system, Gas supply, Proper cross ventilation, Fire-Extinguisher, Exhaust, First aid Kit.

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